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Welcome! My name is Paul, I am currently a body worker and I’m currently attending Registered Massage Therapy school to become one of your local RMT’s.

Meet Dionne (Devine), our Principal Therapist, a graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Since 2008, Dionne has been a passionate and dedicated massage therapist.

Dr. Wu is an internal medicine specialist. She obtained her MD at McMaster University in 2009 and completed residency at UBC in 2013.

Specializes in SMP - Hair and Scalp Pigmentation

Bruce is a certified and qualified Scalp Micropigmentation technician. He is fully dedicated to helping men and women regain their confidence through SMP and Hair Density treatments.

Cindy is a dedicated and compassionate acupuncturist, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and hypnotist with a deep passion for helping people achieve holistic wellness.